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Our company has been specializing in Los Angeles Video Production since our inception in 2005, after award-winning filmmaker Sohrab Mirmont wrote, produced, edited, shot, and directed the New York International Film Festival winning film, "The Beautiful Wind". The film went on to garner critical acclaim from several film festivals and toured the world as an instructional film for various film school universities.

Today, Mirmont is a proactive name in the field of entertainement and film video production, based in Los Angeles but working globally, Mirmont and its sister companies, which include the Utah Film Company and the Los Angeles Film Company, have been providing Award-Winning Multi-Media and Production Services to Businesses and People alike.

In the realm of Mobile Video Production, no one quite does it like Mirmont. Having an impressive resume of production work for film and television, including new media on the internet, Mirmont has become a staple in the realm of video production for commercial advertising, motion pictures, music videos, industrials, interviews, documentaries, or anything else that has to do with a camera and telling a story for a product or business.

Please take a moment and view our services at www.MirmontMedia.com